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Arabian Halloumi Ciabatta

Arabian Halloumi Ciabatta

Arabian inspired ciabatta with an inviting filling of herbs, grilled halloumi cheese, oven roasted tomatoes and black olive tapenade.

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Four Cheese Roasted Tomato Focaccia

Four Cheese & Roasted Tomato Focaccia

A tomato and herb focaccia filled with slow roasted tomatoes and rich four cheese blend.

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Turkey Cheese Brown Loaf

Turkey & Cheese Brown Loaf

Smoked turkey breast and Emmental cheese on a brown seeded loaf with lettuce, light mayonnaise and Dijon mustard spread - a quick, delicious hunger fix.

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Spicy Sriracha Chicken

Rustic Steak Baguette

Juicy and perfectly cooked steak pieces, with sweet caramelized onions and bell peppers sitting on a bed of peppery arugla and served in a rustic seeded baguette with a mayonnaise spread.

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chicken club

Classic Chicken Club Sandwich

A classic favorite, marinated chicken slices, crispy turkey bacon, sliced boiled eggs, tomato, and crisp lettuce, all in toasted white bread with a spread of mayonnaise.

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